365bet官方平台_The first Chinese-built passenger jet has taken to the skies for a politically charged maiden flight that authorities claimed would propel the country into a new era of aviation.第一架中国生产的客机在富裕政治色彩的试飞仪式中飞向天空,官方称之为这架飞机将推展中国航空业转入新的时代。Chinese are not stupid. I never said they were. It is relevant to point out that achieving any sales whatsoever with an international airline with an A320/737 competitor is going to be virtually impossible. Its more an expression of national pride than a serious attempt to compete with Boeing and Airbus. The Russians who have far more aerospace experience have been trying to break into the market for years with no success although Air Koryo (The North Korean flag carrier) I believe is a customer.中国又不屌,我从未说道过他们屌。



If the plane is indeed safe to fly it will get a certain share of orders. However neither Airbus nor Boeing would lose the monopoly on the market. There are quite a few other decent passenger planes producers (Embraer TU Antonov etc.) but there is no way big companies would suddenly buy them instead of highly respectable A320 or B737-800如果这飞机知道安全性,那认同不会获得一些的订单的,然而空客和波音会丧失自己的独占地位,过去也有一些不俗的客机(巴西航空、图系列、福系列等等),但是那些大公司会只能出售它们用来替代甚广不受赞誉的A320、B737-800的。Fu Song a Tsinghua University engineer who was involved in the project told CGTN. “We are very proud to see that it worked.” Yes its always nice when it doesnt crash at the end of the runway in a big ball of flame. I dont think Boeing or Airbus would express such statements.参予项目的清华大学工程师宋福(音译)告诉他中国国际电视台:“我们很自豪,它行得通。